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A Cancer or A Crown?

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 Have you ever stopped to consider how God would describe you as a wife? In one of the Bible's many picturesque descriptions, we find God comparing a good wife to a crown, and a bad wife to "rottenness" in her husband's bones. That is quite a contrast!

What type of influence are you in your marriage? Are you like a royal diadem to your husband, or are you more like a raging disease? The book of Proverbs offers some stark contrasts and sage advice regarding our potential and our influence as wives.

How can we be wives who are crowns to our husbands? What does that mean? Most of all, how can we please God as wives?

This study examines that Scripture verse in Proverbs and many more references in the Bible, and takes a clear look at the potential impact that a wife can have on her husband. The author shares some of her own struggles, and examines the hope and help offered in the Word of God.