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Heart & Hands – A Bible Study for Women

I’m thrilled to announce the release of something completely new! I have just published a new Bible study booklet for ladies. This booklet, entitled Heart & Hands, is the culmination of a personal study I began many years ago when I was … Continue reading

NEW Bible Study Booklet for Ladies!

Do you have a desire to serve God, but aren't sure what you have to offer?

Do you sometimes feel inadequate to serve the Lord?

In this study, find out what God says about the hearts and hands of Bible women,  and learn how He can use your heart and hands today!



My Father Knows Best
(A Father's Day song)

Follow Their Faith

Get On Fire
(Revival Song)

Let This Be the Generation

(Hymn Style)

Am I A Soldier of the Cross
(Piano Arrangement)

Death Is Just a Shadow

Greater Is He
(Hymn Style)

For Such a Time As This
(Gospel Chorus)

Are You Willing?

Have Faith! God Makes No Mistakes

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